Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Crafter's Outing without Children

WOW, did I get to have a day, Yesterday! A big THANK YOU to my mother-in-law, who watched my 3 kids for the morning, so I could run around town. This was not one of my ordinary missions, this was special! I was searching for a missing part to one of my sewing machines.

Ohh, I went to all kinds of places, seen beautiful things and met wonderful people!

For an isolated, stay at home mom, as me, it was like spending the day in a foriegn land that you have distant memories of, a world beyond wal-mart! LOL!

So, searching for a component to a very special sewing machine, sent me to a Quilt shop in town, but I did not get a very nice impression and I was told I would have to wait (AT THE DOOR!), well if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all!

So moving on! I went to "A Stitch Connection", just north of Midway on US 41!
They were awesome!!!!!! I got the ankle for the machine and ordered my parts! I left there ready to sew!

You have got to stop in there sometime, if you have never been. The items they sell and the classes are amazing. They had a class in there at the time with 3 young girls (age ~12 years). They can help you learn about using your machines. But most of all, they are all about helping !!!!!!! http://www.astitchconnection.com/

Moving South on US41, I had to stop into Just Scrappin'. I was hoping to see the lovely Diane and Joanne, who I have not seen in about a year. But I got the privilage of meeting, Miss Dixie and her adoreable granddaughters! I was so excited when I learned that Miss Joanne has a SWARM at the end of each month! Check out their schedule at http://www.justscrappinllc.com/

SWARM: For those none cricket owners and the rest of you who had no idea, scrapbookers crop together. But the cricket machines act like typical crickets and swarm together!

Shh. her is a stamp set I really loved, that I seen there! I will have to see if Stampin' Up will have one like it or I might have to break down and get the whole set!

From there, I did pit stop at the honey baked Ham Company! Alright my fellow penny pinchers and pincher enveyist, relax! I did not buy a $50 ham, but I did buy a $5 ham bone with plenty of meat left on it!

You have got to have black-eyed peas for New Years! With a Honey Baked Ham bone and a bag of frozen peas, it's easy! I did learn that you can get a bag of scraps for $2!!!! That $2 bag was about 2 lbs! 2lbs of HONEY BAKED HAM!! can we say yummo!

Ohh I am almost home, were did I stop next! Aunties Quilt Shop in Punta Gorda. I did buy an 1/8th yard of this and that for my apron! I know I said wouldn't buy another yard until. BUT I USED IT!

Well I got this cool little YO-YO tool! So I made my first yo-yo, so easy, look at my bling-bling apron!

They offered classes too! You have to stop in for a list, but the one I want to do is the Baskets & Bowls for $20. Take a look at it! It takes about a yard of fabric and you use clothesline to make it! I love it! We will see if I can get a babysitter! Give them a call for their class schedule! 941-575-0005

So I guess this is really my first review of what is happening around town! Be aware! I might stop in and see you, if I have no kids with me. If you hve any suggestions on places I can go visit in the Charlotte County, Desoto County area! Send me the info! I love an adventure.

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